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Real Life. Real Help.

Let’s face it.  For most of us, life doesn’t always go the way we planned.  In fact, it can head in a completely opposite and unwanted  direction!  Yet, what most of us do not realize is that by “properly” dealing with certain seemingly unrelated situations in our lives, we can effect positive change in other, and even all areas of our lives.

As a “psychic psychotherapist” I am a student of my own insights and “downloads”–the mental messages that come to be as I help others and which have taught me incredible lessons about our lives in general.   Thankfully many callers and clients alike have heeded my advice when what I “get” for them seems to be unrelated to their question. Read more »


Summer Time

It’s been a whirlwind summer! I have worked on that all-important work/family balance.  I have enjoyed summer fun and family travels but I wanted to write this post to remind you that I am here for you!

One of the most pervasive and distressing situations going on in our world is loneliness.  So many of us are feeling lonely and disconnected.  We are swimming in technology and gadgets that are supposed to keep us connected to one another (to something else besides work I hope) but ultimately, it is a false connection. We are feeling more disconnected than ever.  We are disconnected from our families. From our friends.  From nature. From joy.  Even from ourselves. Read more »

soul connection

Psychic or Psychotherapist?

I am asked this question quite often.  My answer is “yes” to both! I could be categorized as a  “psychic psychotherapist”.

Despite the wide range of perceptions and feelings evoked by the word “psychic”, it’s good to remember that the word psychic is simply derived from the word “psyche” which means of or pertaining to the mind, or the soul.  Interesting definition, as our world is awakening to the fact that the noise of the mind can interfere with the messages of the soul!   I view mind and soul as quite separate.  The key is to train our minds to take direction from the messages of our soul.  Read more »

Freedom from pain

Releasing Pain from the Body

One of the foundations of my work as a clinical holistic psychotherapist is the understanding of the significant impact trauma, grief, emotional upheaval, life transitions and other emotionally charged events, past or present,  can have on the physical and physiological health of  the human body. It’s more than a theory–there are plenty of scientific studies validating this reality.  However, I developed an interest in exploring the existing research after  experiencing eye-opening and profound discoveries in my own work with clients.  While writing names in my appointment book, I began to sense physical pain, the location/type of pain in the body, and would know in moments  at least some of the emotional events that are being held, unresolved, in that body and which contribute to the physical malady.  As I opened to this experience I was a bit overwhelmed, but it was clear there was no turning back and this was to be the cornerstone of  my therapeutic work.  This is an extremely informative yet highly humbling experience–being so connected to a client as to actually experience, for a few moments, the source of his or her pain. Read more »


Healthy, Happy Sex!

It has been said that sex is the barometer of  a  romantic relationship.  It’s also been said that when it comes to relationships, “sex isn’t everything–unless you aren’t having any.”

It’s natural in a relationship or marriage for sexual interest and interaction to ebb and flow, yet almost infallibly, problems in relating sexually with a partner indicate problems in other areas of the relationship–or the individual– as well.   Read more »


Harmonious Living(TM) Meditation and Wellness Series with Heather Hunter

  • Saturday, May 19, 2012
  • 10:00am until 12:00pm
The science is there–practicing meditation decreases blood pressure, helps heal depression and calm anxiety, stimulates imaginative and creative thinking,and boosts the immune system!”Meditation” is something I have been known to “prescribe” to my clients!I’ve created this series to provide a comfortable, relaxing, and supportive environment for the exploration of different types of meditative practices. I understand it is often difficult to find the motivation to meditate on our own, so I have created this program to support the procrastinators, those who are “over-thinking” the process, as well as those who just want more opportunities for a great meditation experience.
This series is designed to run monthly, and will feature various methods of meditations and some occasional guest facilitators.My facility, Casa Mariposa in Carefree Arizona, is handicap accessible and located in close proximity to shopping and dining opportunities.

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