Advice from the Dead-Can They Help Us?

Q: I am struggling with some big decisions and disturbing situations in my life. My father always had the best advice for me, but now he has passed. Can you connect with him to find out what he thinks I should do?

A: Can I connect with your passed father? Most likely, yes! Then what? Well, your father would certainly provide throughout the session evidence as to his identity. This can be very comforting and enjoyable, as things such as his off-key singing, his love of butterscotch candy, and the fact that he flew airplanes as a hobby could come through. He might make mention of the fishing trip in Florida you took with him, and the fact that you got a new job. For further validation he might mention his ongoing health struggles or the fact that he was in and out of the hospital exactly 3 times. It’s also likely there would be indicators of his awareness of the situations going on in your life. I might even hear his common expressions, for example, if he were a person who might say, “It never rains but when it pours!” But will he TELL you what to do? Most likely no. Even if he did that a lot when he was here. Why? Because now that he sees a bigger picture, he knows that this is YOUR unique journey, and gets a sense of your bigger picture as a soul as well. The rare times I have heard them share what seems like advice, have been times when their living loved one has already moved in that direction anyway. The other exception is when a person is in a dangerous or abusive situation, where a passed loved one may express their concern and tell you to get out of the situation, or stop the harmful behavior. I always say that the mere mention of your struggles from the Spirit World should be comforting, as they are aware of your life and they do protect and subtly guide us energetically, when that is what is meant to be. Love never ends! ❤️

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  1. Heather, another great session helping me to connect with My Nancy, Thank you so much for bringing us together, through you are able now to better understand the full scope of her journey, and how it coincides with mine, and how eventually we will be as one again, also to continue on this physical journey to the best of my ability, knowing that Nancy is still with me, appreciate your sincere kindness, your gift is special and we Thank you, sincerely Jim and Nancy.

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