Can I Become a Professional Psychic or Medium?

I have received this question quite often and I hope the people who need this most find this post. Consider this a public service announcement, from the heart.
All of us have intuition…it’s natural to be intuitive!  Intuition has aided our ancestors in sensing danger, illness, and so much more.  Some of us are naturally more intuitive, and connected to that intuition, than others.  We may be highly empathic and tuned into others’ feelings.  We may have a bit of knowing when something is about to happen, or we think of someone and they suddenly call us.  And  yes, some people have significant psychic and even mediumistic abilities.  Perhaps you may have known this about yourself from your earliest days. Or maybe it “jumped out” later in life. Like playing a piano, some folks have natural-born talents and gifts. We all have heard of those who sit down at a piano or pick up an instrument and can immediately play something  by ear without reading any music, or create something “off the cuff”. Quite amazing!  There are some budding musicians who need a few lessons and a bit of practice and can quickly develop into concert pianists.   And of course there are some (like me) who can’t get much past “Row Row Your Boat” and “Hot Cross Buns” on the piano no matter how hard we may try. Developing psychic abilities is much the same. If it is a field in which you wish to develop, and you know you have natural and or increasingly burgeoning skills,  I encourage you to practice, study, learn and go for it! Try out many different “mentors”, teachers and classes. You will find your path and increase in strengths… IF (and this is huge) it is where you are MEANT to go.  Sometimes this journey is meant to be started simply to increase personal awareness and confidence, and to develop more trust in your life and help you to make better choices.   You may find that with your new “awakening” doors are opening like never before and many opportunities in seemingly unrelated areas of your life now lay at your feet. This does indeed happen! 
The “abilities” can only be taught to an EXTENT, and what works for one excellent mentor may not be YOUR best way or even feel right to you. So as you are hearing (or reading)  “do this, don’t do that”, or “these are the steps you take to…(fill in the blank)” see if it fits, or not.
The final point I need to make is a big one! YOU DO NOT NEED A “CERTIFICATION” IN ANYTHING RELATED TO THIS FIELD TO BE AN AMAZING AND CREDIBLE PSYCHIC/MEDIUM. In recent years there has been an increasing number of  psychics, mediums, and the like who offer “certifications” in psychic and medium work, leading you to believe that being granted this piece of paper from them is necessary or significant in where you can or will go with your work.  For the majority of these certification courses and classes there is no universal standard by which everyone’s skills are measured.  Typically the certification is given for simply taking a course or courses.
The American Medical Association and the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners give licenses and certifications based on criteria such as the following:
Meeting a particular number of client (or patient) contact hours per week or month–starting with working under various levels of supervision.
Working particular medical or mental health cases to have varied experience and to hone particular skills.
Proper documentation and follow through of clients or patients.
Maintaining a standard of care.
Demonstrating a high level of efficacy in your skill set with measurable results.
Demonstrating knowledge in ethical standards of practice.
These boards exist to set a standard, and as a resource for the public to report individuals who fail to meet that standard.  Individual cases are reviewed and it is determined whether a certification or license  should be revoked, or renewed.
Simply because this work is more “ethereal” or “mystical” in nature does not mean that we shouldn’t have more “quality control” over who does this work.  I wish we did.  Those in need of guidance and the healing of grief are often vulnerable, may lack self-confidence, and are feeling lost..sometimes even suicidal.  There is an enormous responsibility on a practitioner in the psychic field to be responsible, caring, and to always “do no harm”.
Not only do most who take certain courses from mentors in the psychic and medium fields receive certification for simply taking the course, but there is no way to measure or re-evaluate this person’s skill set/abilities over time to determine whether the “certification” is still valid.  There is no way to hold them accountable for less than ethical practices.  This is why as a consumer, you should not necessarily place higher trust or value in a person claiming to be “certified.”
Some mediums and psychics are being tested by scientists and thus speak of being “scientifically authenticated”.  That would be true, based on that particular scientist’s determination.  Yet it isn’t feasible for many legitimate mediums working today to connect with scientists and receive such “authentication”.
For the burgeoning practitioner, your teachers or mentors may want you to demonstrate your mastery of  following their personal methods to receive a certification.  Perhaps you take the course, struggle and fumble through, but are relieved to receive that piece of paper.  Then months or maybe years later,  you may discover you have your own methods which are yielding  better results than anything you learned in a class–even the one where you earned your “certification”.  Spirit works in mysterious ways and between you and your unique soul contract, you will find what works best for you.  Ultimately what gets you somewhere is YOU–your skills, your gifts, your sincerity, and your hard work. There is no organization that recognizes a certification in mediumship to the point it garners you a nationally recognized credibility or opportunity. None.   You might be impressed with those you train with.  Perhaps you have been an admirer or a fan of a particular psychic or medium for years.  You can’t wait to show the world you trained with this person (or people) only to realize that the mainstream population (where you will find most of your clients) has no clue who they are.  The exception might be the television celebrity mediums. Ultimately, you can train with the best and quite honestly, simply be mediocre. This is a path of the soul. Think twice before digging deep into your pockets for thousands of dollars for a “certification”. If you are doing it for you, great. Many working psychics, mediums, and spiritual teachers or coaches teach wonderful classes..take them.  But if it comes with a painfully high fee, or more disturbingly, if it is extra $ to get “certified”, think twice. A positive reputation garnered through work of consistent and excellent quality, your personal integrity, and word of mouth referrals will be what helps you grow your business.  A certification or a laundry list of everyone you trained with won’t mean much if ultimately, the skill set is not powerful and consistent.
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