Private Mediumship Readings

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ALSO: Check the events listings on the website  for Heather's availability dates/office hours at various locations.

You are permitted and encouraged to RECORD your private reading with Heather. (For Personal Use Only). Note taking is also advised!

Having channeled private messages from Spirit during her therapy work for years, Heather rapidly garnered regional and national acclaim when she stepped out publicly as a Medium dedicated solely to sharing messages from passed loved ones.  Her stunningly accurate and detailed validations and messages from the deceased help bring closure, peace, comfort and a greater understanding to people from all walks of life.  Private individual and family mediumship readings are available Group readings for friends and parties are also available.

Most sessions are scheduled 5 to 6 weeks or more out. This may vary as cancellations and reschedules occur. Weekend availability runs 2 or more months out.  Please plan your family gathering and special occasion parties accordingly. To avoid the frustration and disappointment of being placed on a long wait list, Heather spontaneously schedules newly available dates for her clients in a closer time-frame. We encourage you to email to check availability. While many private session dates fill before we are able to announce them publicly here on the website, some do make it here online. To check for private sessions, simply go to the "events" page.


Private readings are often available in your own home or office in the greater Denver area. Heather also utilizes conference rooms a few times each month in the greater Denver area.  For group and family gatherings Heather travels to CO Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Golden, Evergreen, Grand Junction, Laramie and Cheyenne Wyoming, Phoenix Arizona, Battle Creek/Kalamazoo Michigan and more.

Private sessions are also available at hotels and event locations across the US.

Send all questions to:

Announcement! Private Sessions (and small VIP groups) coming to the following areas in 2020 (Check back as new locations may be added!) :

(remember, private residential individual readings and groups are also available upon request. Email:

Lakewood, CO -Private sessions frequently throughout 2020

Laramie, WY

Phoenix, AZ

CO Springs, CO

Pueblo, CO

Loveland, CO

Grand Junction, CO

Battle Creek, MI

Please go to the EVENTS listing on this website and scroll to desired date to learn more and book your VIP ticket or private session.


Most private sessions where you travel to Heather in the Lakewood, CO area start from $275+ for a one hour session for one person.
Additional fees usually apply for additional participants. Typically full payment or a deposit is required to book a private session. Fees are subject to change.

Please refer to the Events section of this website to see listings for private reading dates around Denver. You may also email to inquire about Heather coming to your residence. This option usually incurs an extra fee for travel, but does also allow more flexibility with the length of your session.

Private group sessions can include family and friends or just family. Pricing varies dependent upon number and relation of participants, and location.

Send all readings inquiries to


Family and/or friends groups readings are one of Heather's favorite services. They are available all around CO, and you may wish to inquire about Heather coming to your residence or business for a private group reading outside of Colorado.

Heather also books individual and family readings at event locations in various cities and states.

Current Denver area estimated group pricing for groups held at private residences. Small groups run approximately 90 minutes. Larger groups run approximately 2 hours. (Pricing subject to change. Travel fee may apply.  Pricing may be less for small groups of immediate family members):



3 to 5 participants – minimum group reading fee of $450
6 to 7 participants: $85/person
8 to 9 participants: $75/person
10 to 12 participants: $70/person

Please remember that a  VIP Small Group Reading is a great substitute for a private reading as Heather gives some focused attention to each participant!  Various small groups range from 6 to 10 participants. Check the events section for dates and locations!

Disclaimer: By booking a phone or in-person session with Heather, you acknowledge, understand, and accept the following:

Due to demand for private sessions and the limited availability, session payment is non-refundable but may be applied to a rescheduled date if necessary. Appointment may also be gifted to someone else, but please notify Heather. If the appointment is cancelled on our end, a refund will be provided.

You agree to read and follow to the best of your ability, the guidelines provided when booking your session.

Heather cannot control nor guarantee who or what will come through.

A session with Heather is not intended as a substitute for licensed/qualified legal, financial, psychological, or medical care and/or guidance.

Heather is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken as a direct or indirect result of a phone session, or attending any in-person session or event with her.

There are no refunds on completed readings.


Heather has experience in clearing homes of light mischievous spirit activity and heavy-feeling energy, and can provide that service when requested. More importantly, she will instruct and empower you in how to do your own clearings. Fee is dependent upon location and size of space. This service can be added to a private mediumship reading for a modest fee. Please mention your desire for this service when emailing your inquiry about scheduling your private in-home session.
If the activity in your space involves violence, physical contact, foul language and other highly negative experiences, you would need to seek out an expert in this type of dark activity, as Heather does not work with this level of negative energy.

For information on phone readings, please refer to the phone reading section of this website.
To request a phone reading, send an email to

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