Email Readings and (New!) Text Message Insight Readings!

An email reading is intended to assist you with one or two questions that you wish to have support or guidance on.  Psychic guidance and insight questions only (no passed loved ones). Provide your first name and age in your email.


How it works:

Email regarding your interest in a one question or two question email reading.  You may also put your question(s) in that email. You will receive an invoice for payment. Once payment is made, Heather will work on your question(s). Please allow 2 to 4 days for Heather to respond.  However, you may hear back within 24 hours.

Being specific is good, yet do not go into too much detail. For example:

Questions that are too vague: “What do you see for my love life?”  “Will I ever get married?” “Will I ever have money?”

BETTER: “What do you see about the man I am dating, Mark?  He is 35, and we’ve been dating 3 months.”  OR….”I am currently in a relationship, and I wonder if he is as committed to me as I am him? His name is Mark and he is 35.”  Or, instead of the money question shown earlier, you could say “I am working in a job I don’t really like.  I want to do something else, but I am worried about money.  Can you provide any insight?”  Or, “I do not have a job currently and I am worried about money. Do you have any insight?”

If your question involves living co-workers, family members, or significant others, please  mention the person’s first name and age or approximate age, if you know it.   Heather will set aside time to focus on your question(s) and connect with Spirit.

IMPORTANT: Heather wants to get a clear download from Spirit (her guides, your guides). Too much detail in your question can be distracting and it is better to have not enough than too much! If Heather feels she needs more clarity around your question, you may be asked to provide more information. Heather may email you for more clarity about your question before providing a longer response.  A response can be several sentences, or a much longer message.  It depends on what she receives from Spirit, which can vary greatly depending on Spirit, circumstances, the nature of your question, and so on.  After Heather sends a response, you may also send one response email back if you have a question regarding clarity around her response.

This service has been created to provide some comfort and/or assistance/support around a concern or topic.  This is not equivalent by any means to a full reading, a private reading, or even a chat reading.  Please consider whether your needs would be better suited to a private or even chat reading.  This service should not be used to address major life decisions, legal issues, serious health concerns, or significant emotional problems. If you are in deep grief, an email reading is not ideal.


One Question:  $60

Two Questions: $80

NEW!!! Text Message Reading- 30-40 minutes of responses/support $111

Typically available within 24 hours!

The 30 minutes begins once Heather sends her first response. More time may be allowed if needed by Heather. Please understand there may be pauses in the texting.

This is a way to receive some quick insight or support on a situation with you, a family member, or a relationship.    Insight and support on work/career, people, and decision-making, etc.


ALSO, you MUST email to request this service and an invoice will be emailed.  You will receive a phone number to text your message to UPON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT.