If We All Stood In Our Power

Many of us have been “sleepwalking” through life. We subjugate our own thoughts and objectivity to those we deem as wiser, more successful, or to “trending” thoughts, “causes” and ideas. We must recognize our own biases and over-reaching perceptions, their origins, and the way our past and our thought patterns serve–or do not serve–our Highest Good. In these times more than ever it is important we recognize, heal, and move beyond our wounds and embrace optimism to fully realize our inner strengths, and infinite potential.

If we all stood in our power we would have compassion for the wounded, and the hurting, and the victims…without having to relive and reignite any of our own past moments of pain and victimization. We would avoid being influenced by populace news and media encouraging us to revisit concern or create new concern, over pasts that we have successfully progressed beyond. If we have neither significantly struggled nor suffered, or fit into a category of the historically persecuted, it’s important we not feel any guilt or shame over being who we are today. We can embrace the heritage of our past without identifying with or holding onto the wounds of the past, or those who caused them. Perhaps we are folks with “non-eventful” lives or pasts; or we are among those who have overcome significant difficulties to be successful, independent-thinking adults. Maybe we just do not allow our struggles to define us. It’s okay to feel we have progressed beyond our pasts, and to feel that we have become strong and resilient. It’s okay to say we are okay with our personal history. When we stand in our power, we see life events objectively, and past events as whatever they were–possibly struggles, and perhaps worse–but in the past. We extract the lessons, and see the strengths; we see how we persevered and survived. Ideally, we are able to see people as people–as individuals–and we accept them without judgment on any level. We don’t see race, gender, financial status, power, or weakness. We see a person. As critical consumers of information, we are aware of the draw and pull of mass media, of celebrity, of “group think”. We realize the power of repetition upon the subconscious mind, and yet gratefully, we are able to observe from a detached and objective perspective; to see a larger view of the “themes” that are prevalent in news reporting, and any biases. When we stand solid in our personal awareness and power, we know it’s okay to be…”okay”. It’s okay to be in a good place, and it’s okay to not see threats at every turn. It’s not just okay, it’s healthy! When we stand in our power we recognize with concern the current popularity of embracing victim hood, and the current blanket denigration and vilification of those innocents who may resemble, in any way (whether through race, gender, spiritual beliefs, etc) those who committed wrongdoings in the past. We are being encouraged to gaze warily upon strength, wisdom, power and even wealth, or those who embody any definition of power or strength or financial success–traits that ideally would be sought after and celebrated. There seems to be a concerning push against unity and optimism. There is a popular effort to reshape the definition and perception of individual strength and power as threatening–as an enemy–as that to be feared. This comes as a threat to the strength and power of the individual, and individual thinking and decision making. Hold, embrace, and stand in your power as a unique individual. Be present. Be optimistic. Most importantly, be who you are and embrace your strength. It will serve you well.

Note: In addition to being an established and acclaimed Evidential Medium, Heather M Hunter MA holds a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and continues to teach and speak about the important topics of personal empowerment, human potential, and “self-mastery”.

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