Is There Really a Rainbow Bridge?

 Many people ask me if we will be reunited with our sweet animal friends ever again.  The answer?      Most definitely it is YES!

How do I know?

Time and time again, not only have I brought through the names of beloved pets, but also their personality characteristics!  I feel the energy of your animals as they connect with me.  Also, many passed loved ones come through with a dog (or several) standing beside or crowding around them, or holding a kitty in their arms.  One son came through with a ferret riding on his shoulder!  I know our beloved pets are just beyond the veil, waiting to reunite with us. I recall one little West Highland White Terrier who was even able to share with me the “second name” his human mama called him, and with the help of this darling pooch, I was able to walk through this woman’s house and show her where his favorite areas were, at what time of day, and what he would do in each location!   I had never heard about the “Rainbow Bridge” as a place where our animals greet us on the other side until I read about it years ago.  It could metaphorically simply mean we have a special meeting place with our pets when we cross over.  But as an evidential medium, I have never seen or felt our animal friends coming through from “a different place” than our family members and other passed dear ones.   Perhaps some mediums have seen this bridge, yet I never have.  I can tell you without a doubt, however, that we will be together again with our furry, feathered, scaly, slimy, you-name-it  babies when we cross over one day.  And personally?  That Heavenly moment is the experience I most look forward to when my time comes to cross over.

Love truly never ends.



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