Online Chat Readings

Heather offers online chat readings through Facebook messenger. They run approximately 40-45 minutes. Heather channels your loved one(s) just as she would for a phone session or in-person reading, and shares what she receives in chat messages to you.   You can connect with loved ones in Spirit and “chat” with them through Heather, all while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need a perfectly quiet house! You will be asked if things make sense but most of the typing will be on Heather’s end as she shares as much information and as many validations as possible from those in Spirit! You may hear from one, or several passed loved ones. Later in the session, you are invited to ask questions.  At the conclusion of the reading you can copy and save your chat as a personal memento and special reminder that our loved ones in Spirit are always with us!  Email to schedule.  Further guidelines will be emailed upon registering for your session.   $111

“Heather is amazing ! I have had so many questions answered (via Facebook Online Spirit Chat) and felt my sweet Jenn, and even my brother Noah! This is truly an amazing experience I would recommend for anyone who has lost someone. Put your faith in Heather.” ~ Anita York White