NEW & POPULAR SERVICE! Online Chat Readings!

Heather is currently working through a phone reading wait-list. No future phone readings are currently being scheduled. An Online Chat Reading is truly of equal quality, and will give you the joy of reading back those special moments with Spirit over and over. Heather has created this innovative and budget-friendly option for a convenient but profound opportunity to connect with Spirit. Be sure to copy and/or save your chat!

  35 to 55 Minute Mediumship Chat   


Heather offers online chat readings to connect with loved ones on the Other Side through Facebook messenger. They run approximately 45-60 minutes. Heather channels your loved one(s) and shares what she receives in chat messages to you.   You can connect with loved ones in Spirit and “chat” with them through Heather, all while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need a perfectly quiet house, as you would with a phone reading. You will be asked if things make sense but most of the typing will be on Heather’s end as she shares as much information and as many validations as possible from those in Spirit! You may hear from one, or several passed loved ones. They will share such things as their personalities, memories, verbal expressions, physical gestures, special items, dates, names, and more, just like what occurs in a private in-person reading! They may also mention the people, situations, and special moments of your current life!

Later in the session, you are invited to ask questions to your passed loved one(s), or you may ask 1 question for psychic insight/guidance after hearing from those in Spirit.  At the conclusion of the reading you can copy/save your chat as a personal memento and special reminder that our loved ones in Spirit are always with us!

Email to schedule. (Some availability may be posted in the events section). Further guidelines will be emailed upon registering for your session.

“Heather is amazing ! I have had so many questions answered (via Facebook Online Spirit Chat) and felt my sweet Jenn, and even my brother Noah! This is truly an amazing experience I would recommend for anyone who has lost someone. Put your faith in Heather.” ~ Anita York White, chat reading recipient

30-45 Minute Psychic Insight and Support Chat


If your primary interest is to receive guidance and support from Heather, you may wish to choose a Psychic Insight Chat.  This chat runs approximately 30-45 minutes. You may ask for guidance or support via asking 1 to 3 specific questions about a situation, choice or decision, person/people in your life, career, etc.  (Number of questions will ultimately depend on how much is coming through for each topic. Please be prepared with at least one specific question before starting your session). Heather does not address nor predict financial or legal outcomes/futures, or give you predictions regarding romance.  If requested, Heather can assess the potential of a current relationship (including business partnerships), picking up on the essence of the person/people involved in areas such as trustworthiness, alignment with your interests, level of investment in the relationship, and more. Heather can point out potential areas of discord or conflict and how to create greater harmony, if applicable. Heather is, in general, highly adept at “reading” the  energy of a relationship or a person/people around you or in relation to a situation. (Family, business, romantic interests).

Please do not request this service solely for guidance or advice regarding specific  medical care choices or decisions. Topics of a health or medical nature, if they arise, are usually addressed in a more general/limited sense.

Disclaimer: Anything discussed of a medical or healthcare nature should be followed up with a qualified healthcare provider. Heather is not qualified, nor makes any claim to be qualified, to diagnose, treat, or suggest any treatment or medication for any mental or physical health condition.

This chat may also address the nuances of who you are, encouraging greater self-awareness, and exploring life “themes” and what might be blocking your clarity, contributing to illness or disease, or distancing you from manifesting more harmony and success in life.

Email to schedule:

60+ Minute Extended Mediumship Chat/Mediumship with Extended Psychic Insight and Support Chat

(MOST POPULAR!)   $188      

This is the most “bang for your buck” and is an ideal choice if you have at least one loved one in Spirit with whom you were very close and you wish to have an extended visit with him/her, or you wish to connect with several passed loved ones with whom you were close, and/or you wish to have several questions of a psychic nature addressed in addition to an in-depth connection with one or more spirit people. The minimum time this type of session runs is 60 minutes, but may run up to 90 minutes!

Email to schedule:

(Heather’s in-person sessions are 60 minutes and $265-$300.  Online chats are an excellent value, practical and convenient, and a very budget-friendly option!)


The woman below has received in-person readings in the past from others. She experienced her first reading ever with Psychic Medium Heather Hunter….via a Facebook Online Chat Reading! She is thrilled to have her wonderful experience memorialized in written form. Here’s what she enthusiastically wished to share about her online reading experience with Heather:

“I had a Facebook chat reading with Heather about a week ago, and I am still just in awe of what she shared!  When I set up the chat, I told her there was one person I hoped to connect with. I did not give her any more details than that, nor did she ask.
As soon as we started the chat, she began receiving details and messages from someone who passed close to Halloween, which was spot on for the friend I hoped to connect with!
Heather shared specific information regarding how the friend passed away, and also received messages about my health from this person. My friend also happened to be my physician at one time. I have unusual health issues, so there is no way Heather could have guessed about these things. She told me about the three conditions that are worrying my physicians the most, and she was right on all three counts! She also quoted something that my friend used to say, word for word, and I burst out crying!
Then, Heather began sharing details from someone who passed in April, and that is my Grandmother.  She also heard from someone who drew comics and cartoons, and that is my Grandfather- he actually used to draw me cartoon coloring books!
All of Heather’s messages from my passed loved ones were very specific to the people and animals who had passed away, and I laughed and cried my way throughout the entire chat!
If you are skeptical about using Facebook chat for a reading, please don’t be.  I gleaned as much from this chat experience (or more!) than I have from past in-person readings!  Plus, I can go back and read it when I need a reminder that our friends, family and pets never really leave us.  I will definitely be doing another reading with Heather in the future, and would be more than happy to use Facebook again. 
I have already given Heather’s name to several friends, and also encouraged them to use Facebook if they want to chat with Heather ASAP!”
~ J. Meyers
Denver, CO