Phone Readings


MOST POPULAR!! 60-90 minute Mediumship reading with loved ones in Heaven! (Can include psychic insight/guidance) $233. Receive comfort hearing pieces of evidence/topics, etc (ranging from a few, to many,) indicating the presence of your loved ones(s). Those in spirit also may mention people, achievements and/or situations in your current life showing you they are still around! Connecting to a medium is a talent/skill for the spirits themselves, so some may be able to give a lot more details than others. Pets may also come through although their visits are typically more brief or fleeting.

Yes you CAN record your session and you should! Get comfortable and enjoy visiting with your dear ones on the other side. You will receive guidelines that help explain the process and prepare you for the experience.

If you have a lot of questions for those in Spirit, be sure to write them down to address later in the session although these things are often brought up by the spirits themselves. If the passing is recent and deep grief is impairing your daily life, you may wish to give it more time (generally at least 3 months after a passing). If you want insight and guidance into your life in addition to hearing from passed loved ones, you may find that, too, happens “organically”, but either way Heather makes sure to offer an opportunity for questions and concerns later in the session.

If you want life guidance from passed loved ones, please note: Our loved ones in Spirit often indicate an awareness of our lives and in some cases will caution, warn, or encourage in the course of the reading. You can be assured if a topic comes up you have been concerned about, they are already trying to support and guide you the best they can. They may not go into any detail or advice about it during your session. They do not necessarily offer the “best” advice for your path and may instead be sharing the opinion they would have held while living. Some do indicate having a higher perspective now in the spirit world, but this most commonly comes through relative to the situations that existed in their own lives and, again, a passed loved one will not necessarily have the appropriate or best guidance for you. Heather utilizes a high level of discernment when “advice giving” seems to be coming from a passed loved one and often explains the nuances of such “advice”. PLEASE do not request a “Mediumship” reading to connect with passed loved ones for the primary purpose of seeking support or guidance with a life choice, path, or decision. If you wish to mostly spend time discussing your current life and need support and insight into current situations, people, etc please request a psychic insight reading. If you do not need to hear from loved ones in Spirit but need mostly insight into current situations, you would want to ask for a psychic insight reading.

Psychic Insight andSupport (Only) Phone Reading: 55-75 minutes $200 (no passed loved ones)

Choose this option if you are most interested in guidance and insight on one to several particular life areas or people/situations. You will not get validations from passed loved ones in this type of reading. Heather is extremely gifted in reading the other people in your current energy and helping you understand what may going on with them. Heather typically does not make specific future predictions and does not see things like when you will pass. Heather works with your particular questions and concerns with people in your life, work and living situations, and so on. She can help with troublesome patterns in your life (attracting the same types of relationships, dealing with certain work issues, etc). If you are unsure whether Heather would give you what you are seeking, please email and let her know what you are looking for help with. She is happy to guide you to the right service.



  You CAN have a group reading via phone but  you will need to inquire in advance to make these arrangements with Heather. More time will be allowed and pricing will be different. Your integrity with this matter will directly affect the quality of your experience. Thank you. 


Disclaimer: By booking a phone, chat, or in-person session with Heather, you acknowledge, understand, and accept the following:

Due to demand for private sessions and the limited availability, session payment is non-refundable but may be applied to a rescheduled date if necessary. Appointment may also be gifted to someone else, but please notify Heather. If the appointment is cancelled on our end, a refund will be provided.

You agree to read and follow to the best of your ability, the guidelines provided when booking your session.

Heather cannot control nor guarantee who or what will come through.

A session with Heather is not intended as a substitute for licensed/qualified legal, financial, psychological, or medical care and/or guidance.

Heather is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken as a direct or indirect result of a phone session, or attending any in-person session or event with her.

There are no refunds on completed readings.