Lakewood, CO: 8 Person Spirit Circle


Admits one to Heather's Spirit Circle event. Purchasing a ticket is not a guarantee as to who or what will come through.
There are NO REFUNDS on tickets but you may give your ticket to someone else if you cannot attend.

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Join Heather and the Spirit World for two hours of specific validations, memories, and messages from deceased loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even the occasional pet. This is an exclusive opportunity for one on one with Heather and connections with those you love in Heaven for two full hours!
Heather is Colorado’s own beloved “phone line to Heaven”- a name earned through the delivery of spot on messages and validations LIVE on Denver radio!
Enjoy the group dynamic as the Spirits of passed loved ones work together to share messages for family members and friends in the group. Since Spirit is always in charge, in the rare instance no passed loved are accessible, Heather will give psychic insight, guidance, and answers to questions.
You may hear:
Information about a loved one’s passing
Popular pastimes, hobbies, foods, habits and more–validating the presence of your loved one.
Personality quirks, physical features, accents and unique ways of speaking/favorite expressions.
Special items that belonged to the passed loved one, favorite memories, the ways they remain aware of your life today, and so much more!


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