When Can I See You Again?

"When can I see you again?"

As much as this may sound like a common phrase spoken to a prospective romantic partner after an incredible first date, I am referring to a different type of relationship here. I am referring to the medium-client relationship. I understand the addiction. A reading, when we have that truly amazing connection with our loved ones on the other side, can leave a person spellbound. But a truly ethical medium will not encourage you to return anytime soon.


There are several reasons. First of all, seeking too many readings can be a distraction from one's grief. Sitting with a medium can indeed feel like partaking in an alternate reality. It's not that there is anything wrong with an occasional distraction from our sorrows and seeking some comfort. But a good reading can really feel like a true visit or reunion with our dear loved ones in Heaven, and during such visits, we can avoid dealing with the reality of the loss of their physical presence. There comes a time we need to really "be" with our grief, and adjust, the best we can, to the loss. Too many readings can interfere with a healthy healing and coping process. Seeking out connections through mediums can truly become an addiction and a way to avoid everyday "reality". The same could be said of psychic readings when we constantly seek help with life situations through psychic advice. Too many people stop trusting their inner guidance and put too much faith into the insight of a psychic. That's just not what we are here to do. Likewise, your spirit people on the other side want you to learn to sense, trust, and believe that they are still with you, and aware of your life. We need time to notice the signs. They emphasize that really living your life should not mean spending a lot of time seeking a connection with the deceased. You are not "bothering" them when having a reading. But they want what's best for your life, and repeatedly seeking out mediums is not of great benefit.

Another reason to allow a lot of time between readings is that those who seek out too many readings with a passed loved one in too short of time will often find the information coming through to seem more generalized, the pace too slow, or the connection not as powerful. I once was connecting parents with their adolescent son in spirit who had died in a skiing accident. Kids can typically connect very strongly, with their personalities apparent, sharing plenty of humor and undeniable evidence for their parents. My connection with this young spirit started strong, but seemed to fade very prematurely, so I asked him what was going on.
"My parents do this all of the time" he said.
I asked the parents if they had seen a medium before and they acknowledged they had. I asked them how many other times they have had readings, and the response was "a couple of times."
"Try 8 times!", their son shouted in my head.
I shared his words and both parents paused a moment, chuckled, and acknowledged that was an accurate statement, having had that number of readings in a mere 3 months' time.

The general rule I share with my clients is that if our session together is your first reading ever to connect with someone who has passed, you can probably have another in 4 to 6 months. But the general rule is to wait longer after each consecutive reading. If you want to have a third reading with me, or any other medium, you now should wait at least 9 to 12 months. If you receive a brief connection at an event, it is probably alright to schedule a private session shortly thereafter.

Most of all, I want you to know that you do not need a medium to connect with your loved ones in Heaven. They are always around you, connected through the bonds of love. They hear your words, your thoughts, and your prayers. They remain aware of your life. Learn to trust that when you suddenly think of them, they are saying hello. Trust that when you hear them in your head, that too is a hello. And when something happens and you wonder if it is a sign from someone in Heaven, the fact that you wondered means that yes, it is!

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